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One axis of the LM Thunderdome's tri-axis escapement is capable of turning in 20 seconds, one within 12 seconds, and one within eight seconds. As on the earlier LM Flying T time indication is transmitted onto the dial with conical gears at an angle. Kari uses his 150-year-old vintage rose engine turning machines to create the baseplate for the movement, which forms most of the visible surface beneath the sapphire dome.

Max says that there are 423 components that can give you hours and minutes. But, that's not what's important. "The point is this incredible mechanical sculpture where --for years,omega speedmaster replica watches I tried to do 3D mechanical sculptures. It was always the watch -- here it's the escapement, which, in turn, is the sculpture."

omega speedmaster replica watches will produce 33 pieces in platinum of the LM Thunderdome for its premiere, but there's more.

Max says that Michael Tay was the one who initiated this project. "Michael told me in 2012 that Eric Coudray should be involved in something. Eric was actually the one who suggested that Eric and I do a multi-axis timepiece together. Eric replied, "Yes, but I can't right now, I'm already working for another business."

Michael had planted the seed and we discussed the 40th anniversary and the possibility for a special edition. Michael's seed bears fruit. There will be 33 pieces made in platinum and 10 in tantalum for The Hour Glass.Omega Seamaster Replica Kari's dark blue guilloche is the first variation. The second variation will be available in the new year.

Technical Specifications


Manual-winding calibre of Eric Coudray & Kari Voutilainen. Hours and minutes. Tri-axial tourbillon featuring fast rotation and hemispherical balance wheels. 3Hz. 45-hour power reserve


44mm x 22mm; Launch Edition Limited to 33 Platinum Breitling Navitimer Replica and 10 Tantalum Pieces for The Hour Glass. Water Resistant to 30m


Blue alligator leather strap hand-stitched with tantalum folding clasp

Limited edition launch edition: 33 pieces in platinum, 10 in tantalum. This is for The Hour Glass' 40th anniversary