The Omega Replica Watches Legacy Machine Perpetual Yellow Gold is now available

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There are watches that look simple and elegant that fly under the radar. Omega Replica Watches is one such brand. It has created so many original pieces inspired by sci-fi that some fans were skeptical when Omega Replica Watches started making watches with round cases. Although the Legacy Machine Perpetual's case is round, it is as traditional as they come.

The Legacy Machine Perpetual was first introduced by Omega Replica Watches in 2015.Omega Replica Watches It went on to win Best Calendar Watch at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve in 2016. Omega Replica Watches now has a blue-dialled version, with an 18K Gold case, to complement the previous versions in platinum, white gold and titanium.

Omega Replica Watches Legacy Machine Perpetual Gold

Omega Replica Watches Legacy Machine Perpetual Gold

Maximilian Busser, founder of Omega Replica Watches, and Stephen McDonnell (a friend for many years), created the LM Perpetual.Omega Replica They created a perpetual calendar to show more of the moving parts and eliminate any drawbacks associated with traditional perpetual calendars, such as skipping dates or the possibility of damage if the watch is adjusted while the date changes.

Busser stated that perpetual 'calendars boomerang watches' are what he called. The mechanism jams, blocks, breaks, or jumps days when they shouldn’t.

The LM Perpetual is a fully integrated, purpose-built watch that was built from scratch. It also features adjuster pushers that deactivate automatically when the calendar changes. Each month is divided into 28 days,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches then added days. This prevents the month from being skipped. The patent-pending "mechanical process" -- which is made up of a series superimposed disks -- allows for smoother changes and no chance of getting the date wrong.