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Max Busser, the founder of MB&F says that it feels like yesterday. "14th year MB&F 17th calibre -- when it comes down to it, it's crazy." We've already created 17 calibers.

"This number 17 goes back four years because that's what we need in order to create a movement. "But the real beginning of the story actually goes back 28 years." Max is telling us about his time at Jaeger-LeCoultre as product manager. There he met Eric Coudray, a talented young watchmaker in the prototyping section.

"We have always believed that one day, one day, we will all be able to work together on de ville replica watches It took 24 years. It took 24 years. He replied: Yes. You know, Kari Voutilainen? He said: I do know him.

"[I asked] Would it be possible to do something with Kari?" [Eric responded] Sure. So I brought the two amazing watchmakers to the table, and we got to work."

Eric Coudray is today the man behind the gyrotourbillon. He is the watchmaker who created the multi-axis tourbillon concept and escapements.

Max recounts, "I told Eric that you can do whatever you like," but it must be the most crazy, greatest escapement you have ever imagined. I will give you the volume.Omega Deville Replica Watches I will give you a dome and I would like to see the sphere underneath a dome. It's yours from that point on.

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Kari was brought in to help Eric understand what Eric Coudray had created.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica She designed the movement that will make Eric's dreams come true. Kari took over the final touches to the movement. Max adds, "Actually Kari actually went to finish many of the parts on that movement."